Broken Hearts Still Shine


A message of Hope and Healing in the Face of Adversity


This book is about A message of Hope and Healing in the Face of Adversity. Lena Wilson shares her captivating journey of dealing with her shattered reality and a broken heart. She explores the steps she took to transform her life from one of pain, sadness, and heartache to a lifestyle of joy, peace, and purpose. Her story is a beautiful reminder of God’s love, grace, and His ability to heal both past and present emotional wounds. Through Lena’s honest and vulnerable journey, she offers practical wisdom, inspirational scriptures, and valuable insight that will help shift your life from a season of being stuck to experiencing growth of refreshing hope and healing. In Broken Hearts Still Shine, you will learn to find the courage to heal by taking the masks off, facing your deepest feelings, and adopting a winning mindset that will elevate your inner confidence and self-worth.


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