My Coaching Services


Helping you to live through the lens of hope and faith, as you uncover your true self-worth and embrace your unique gifts.

What to expect from coaching sessions.

  • Healing from emotional breakdowns and help you experience breakthroughs
  • Find hope and realize that your past doesn’t define your future
  •  Embrace the transformation process towards achieving a more fulfilling life
  • Uncover your self-worth and gain clarity about your life
  • Encourage, inspire and motivate you to re-ignite your goals and dreams


Igniting significant change, so you can start being fearless in your pursuit of creating an amazing life.

What to expect from coaching sessions.

  • Embrace your unique and best self
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and capitalize on your strengths
  •  Overcome your fears, obstacles and procrastination
  • Regain your confidence and find your authentic voice
  • Change your narrative and create a new vision for your life
  • Uncover your passions and your God-assigned purpose


Guiding you to gain clarity and implementing strategies that will help transform and elevate your life.

What to expect from coaching sessions.

  •  Elevate your self-awareness, mindset, confidence, happiness and faith

You Ready To

  • Remove the excuses and do the work to achieve a breakthrough?
  • Be honest, vulnerable and open to coaching?
  • Commit to the process and your personal transformation?

If you said yes, then you are in the right place.

Life Coaching Sessions Cover

  • Confronting the pain of the past
  • Getting real and removing the masks
  • Healing and forgiveness
  • Develop a winning mindset
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing relationships
  • Effective time management

Life Coaching Sessions

Together we can focus on getting you unstuck, so you can gain the confidence you need to shine boldly with purpose. Please select the program that best fits your needs at this time.

  • Select 1 significant goal you desire to discuss
  • Uncover the main obstacles and challenges
  • Identify your fears and confront them
  • Gain clarity and discuss a plan to take intentional action
You Can Expect:
  • A 60-minute call
  • Email recap of the session
  • Email support for 72 hours from session date
  • Get to the root of your emotional wounds so you can start the HEALING process
  • Identify self-sabotaging behaviors and embrace the truth that you are ENOUGH
  • Confront your fears and ACTIVATE your faith
  • Find the courage to forgive and RELEASE the past
  • Create a new narrative to TRANSFORM your heart and mind and get you unstuck
You Can Expect:
  • 5 hours of coaching within 60 days
  • Sessions can be done via phone or zoom
  • Email recap after each session
  • Email support during the entire program
  • You will receive assignments after every session

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Through my speaking, I share messages that bring hope and empower women to heal their hearts and transform their mindsets to pursue a fulfilled life of purpose.

  • From Broken to Breakthrough
  • Healing Is Your Responsibility
  • Taking the Masks Off
  • Finding Freedom in Forgiveness
  • The Courage to Win from Within
  • Facing the Fear Factor
  • It’s Never Too Late to Start Over
  • Trust Your Faith More Than Your Feelings
  • Protect Your Peace
  • You Are Enough- Believing in Yourself!
  • Your Story Matters

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