3 Reasons Why You Should Follow the Voice of Faith And Not The Voice Of Fear

3 Reasons Why You Should Follow the Voice of Faith And Not The Voice Of Fear

While we can all benefit from fear alerting us when danger is present, fear can also manifest in ways that keep us and our lives stagnant. There have been many moments in my life when I listened to the voice of fear and I allowed that fear to became my reality. After my divorce years ago, fear tried to convince me that I would never find true love and I would never experience my heart’s desire, which was to be married again one day. When I discovered my true purpose, fear again showed up and tried to convince me that no one would listen or respond to my message of healing from within. Fear wanted me to believe that I was wasting my time writing a book because no one would buy it, read it or be impacted by it. Fear wanted me to believe that I would never be good enough and I would always live my life being repeatedly rejected. Fear tried to convince me I would be a failure and there was no reason to devote any energy to my dreams. Fear begs me to quit often in an attempt to silence my authentic voice. I understand what fear sounds and looks like and the restrictions it places on our lives if we give it power. I also understand what the voice of faith sounds like and the amazing things that could happen when we operate with bravery. 

Here are 3 reasons you should follow the voice of faith and not the voice of fear.

Fear speaks the language of failure but Faith speaks the language of success.

Fear will always tell you all the reasons you shouldn’t try something new, because fear doesn’t want you to step outside of your comfort zone, nor does fear want you to reach your greatest potential. Fear will do its very best to talk you out of every dream or goal, so that it limits your impact. Fear will cause you to settle for less than you desire or deserve. Fear never has anything positive or encouraging to say, but it is the very thing that keeps so many people stuck. Faith on the other hand, speaks life and believes that even when it’s uncomfortable and scary, “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.” (Philippians 4:13) Faith knows that even when the path is not always clear and you don’t have all the resources yet, you will still do those things that ignite your soul. Faith knows that God will never fail you and the more you trust His voice and reject fear, the more He will elevate you towards your destiny.

Fear fuels your excuses and Faith fuels your motivation.

When fear shows up, we wallow in excuses to justify reasons we choose to remain stagnant. When we listen to the voice of fear, we procrastinate and convince ourselves, we don’t have time, we are too old or we are simply not good enough. We dance with the fear of failure and the fear of being judged. Fear keeps us swaddled in comfort and never pushes us beyond the ordinary. Responding to the voice of faith means you find the courage to take intentional actions and reject the urge to procrastinate. It is difficult to rise above the voice of fear if you are not willing to move, take some risks and create some momentum toward your goal. The voice of faith takes the leap, even if that means your heart is beating rapidly, your voice is quivering, and your hands are sweating. The voice of faith offers solutions to every obstacle and will lead and guide you into greatness.

Fear feeds your insecurities and Faith feeds your focus.

Fear is the zone where you shrink back and you allow your insecurities to be magnified. You begin to compare yourself and your journey to others and you start losing sight of your own value. The voice of fear will lead you into the arms of inadequacy and the belief that your brilliance has no place in this world. However, faith is empowering and says that even if my sister is shining, that doesn’t dim my own light, nor does it diminish my ability to shine as well. Despite how you feel, the voice of faith will remind you that you were born to make an impact and quitting is not an option.

Respond to the voice of faith today and even when fear shows up, keep going anyway and follow your path to greatness. 

Coach Lena Wilson

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